Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Ideas for thriller opening

-grand arcade/night and day
-along the street
-general places

We will have two characters one will be just an average person. We will have a boy who is the stalker he we will quiet old and be into filming. Then we will have a girl who is quiet old to and she wont know who this man is.

We will have part of ares as home movie where it will show the man holding the camera and following the girl. He will start of just doing it in the day, just girl will start to feel like she is getting watched but she isn't sure. She will then walk back from a night out and the man will carry on stalking her along her travels back. She will then get a knock at the door which will have the man try to talk to her she will start to get worried and will go to shut the door but the man put his foot there. Throughout we wont see this man it will just be parts of his body.

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