Friday, 4 February 2011

the plot and step by step guide to our story board

1.We will start of with are vision productions logo.

2.It will then come up with a man cutting up pictures and surrounded by pictures of a girl.

3It will then do several long and short shorts out and go black.

4.And have the title.

5.Then it will come up with the girl running into her house after a night out and saying goodbye to her friends.

6.Then we will show the grand arcade with the man leaning over the second floor or the balcony and he will then zoom in on the girl walking into topshop

7. then from the corner near the the esclators he will film her walking out of the shop.

8.Then on the bus he will film her sitting there with her friends.

9.hugs the girl goodbye.

10.walks back into her house again.

11. view of the house before he knocks at the door.

12.she will be cooking

13. here the gate shut

14. she hears a knock at the door.

15 ends with a close up of her face

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