Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Overall view of the thriller so far

So far it is looking rather well, i was a little worried at the start about the footage we got back because it was so dark and you could only hear voices. However after speaking to tom he said it would seem alot scaryer if you didnt see alot and just heard things. This also gave us an advantage of lots of areas to put titles. The ending part is also looking really well and the ending leaves at a cliff hanger which makes you want to see the rest.

However we still have no middle part to our film which at this point isnt a worry because we have most of the footage. On fridays lesson i hope me and the group can put the middle part together and have what we would like to think is our thriller sequence. If i have enough time id also like to add some more of the titles i have spent ages making. It has taken a long time to get the hang of using the programme we are using along with photo shop and trying to get the text to move.

 I feel more confident now about using the programme we are using even though it has taken a while.I found trying to get the text to move really hard but once i got the hang of it everything went fine. Due to losing out on next tuesdays lesson it means we only have about 3 hours to get together what we think be the finishing thing ready to present it to everyone friday. If we dont manage to get the footage at least together and most the titles on by friday we will see if the group and myself will go in wednesday before the lesson starts to get more done.

While one/two of us is sorting out the footage and putting the titles on. The rest of the group could be thinking of the title of the thriller. Along with re-doing katies breathing and also starting to put music together if we are to put any on there. We also need to add in the productions logo we have finished which shouldnt take very long.

From my point of view everything is going really well and the group seems to be working with everyone playing a part in the filiming/editing. It will be good to get feedback from the others to know how to improve and make the sequence better so we can get the best out of what we have done.

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