Friday, 11 March 2011

  • good variety of shots
  • Good opening credits
  • Establishment of location
  • effective storyline
  • Good understanding of thriller genre
  • Nice sense of ambience through heavy breathing
  • Not a rough cut
  • Music needs to be tidied up and some bits need to be louder
  • The sound needs ti be changed because the volume is bad in some parts of the footage - In the dark footage we need to make sure that its obvious there is music and have it louder to create a more tense atmosphere
  • In the last shot of jaelle sitting down, we need to have the actual sound of the TV to show that this person is invading her homely environment.
  • In the daytime shots it needs to edited to be made less brighter so it flows better with the darker shots previously
  • need more titles to fit in the darker spaces of the footage
  • We need to shorten the opening a little bit so it doesn't drag on

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